03 December 2015     

Iain Hull will be presenting at GOTOCon Berlin 2015


This talk is aimed at Scala developers with a background in object oriented programming who want to learn new ways to use types to improve the correctness of their code. It introduces the topic in a practical fashion, concentrating on the “easy wins” developers can apply to their code today.


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The following links inspired this talk:

Defensive programming

Fail fast

Design by contract

Never use nulls

Almost all data is immutable

Do not throw exceptions

Wrapper types

Type safe equals

Non Empty List

Algebriac data types

Tagged types

More Advanced types

Things I didn’t get a chance to cover, but you might be interested in.

Path dependent types

Self-Recursive Type (F-Bounded Types)

Phantom types

Type level programming

Shapeless Dependent types and DbC

About Iain

Iain Hull @IainHull is a Principle Software Developer @ Workday and is a member of the Grid Team. The Grid Team use Scala, Akka, Play and Spray to provide Workday’s elastic job execution environment.