17 October 2016     

In August 2016, Workday hosted a meetup in the San Francisco office on the topic of Deep Learning in Production. Deep learning has proven to be effective in solving numerous machine learning problems, and found a wide adoption in many applications from computer vision and speech recognition to anomaly detection. Despite the simplicity of deep learning algorithms, successfully and effectively deploying trained models to production is still at large an under covered topic.

In the first video Jim Stratton, VP of Software Engineering at Workday, gives an introduction of Workday’s machine learning and deep learning initiatives. Then David Kale of Skymind presents a walk through of DL4J, one of the promising deep learning frameworks that’s been gaining traction in production environments.

In the second video, Leo Tam of NVIDIA previewed DGX-1, the world’s first purpose-built system for deep learning.

This tech talk was co-organized by Skymind and Workday.