15 March 2016     

Last week, Workday Dublin hosted a joint meetup for Scala Users Group and Functional Kats in our office in Dublin. We were delighted to have Bill Venners talking about asynchronous testing support in the upcoming release of Scala Test 3.0

With 3.0, ScalaTest will support testing in Scala.js, providing most of the functionality available to Scala developers. To properly support Scala.js, ScalaTest has been extended to include asynchronous testing styles which should make it much easier for developers to test their own async code in a non-blocking manner. For more information checkout Bill’s blog post about the preview release.

Keeping the testing theme going, Workday’s own Andrea Magnorsky gave a demo of property testing in F#. “You should write tests to defeat your worst enemy and your worst enemy is you!”

Conrad O’Dea @cjodea is an dev manager at Workday working with the Query Fabric team. The team are using in-memory data fabrics to build a scalable, resilient distributed datastore.